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Key features of your lodge

  • White washed rough sawn timber interior panelled walls
  • Two exterior French doors
  • Colour co-ordinated sofa, curtains and carpets
  • Fully fitted kitchen with island unit and bedroom furniture
  • Five burner gas hob, built under oven, dishwasher, American fridge/freezer, dual washer/dryer and wine cooler
  • Dining table including six chairs, coffee table and TV cabinet
  • Built in cabin beds
  • Energy efficient A Rated boiler
  • Built to British Standard 3632 and protected by a 10 year structural warranty

Order Xanax Pills

Our “House of Luxury”, the Casa Di Lusso leisure lodge is breath-taking. The open plan living area is vast, lined by rustic white wash, rough sawn timber walls.

Communal, inviting, heavy & lustrous fabrics in neutral tones warm the space whist floor to ceiling windows provide an abundance of light. Textures are fabulously contrasting; rough, distressed woods compliment soft grey furnishings. You can only marvel at the fully-equipped, country style kitchen, made complete with a feature island breakfast bar.

Wrap yourself in the splendour and opulence of the Master Bedroom. Furthermore, children will be wide-eyed and utterly excited at the prospect of staying in the quirky den-like bunk beds in the Second Bedroom.

Completely unique and truly timeless: this holiday home has it all.

Prices from £189,950 (2 Bed) & £199,950 (3 Bed)Please contact us for details

Order Xanax Pills

For further information about our lodges, please enter your details below