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  • What are the different ways I can book?

    Book online using our secure, fast and efficient booking system: Buy Adipex Diet Pills From Canada for all touring, camping and pod/Hideaway pitches. For lodge bookings please use the following: Buy Brand Xanax Europe

    Book by phone on: Buy Valium 2015.

    Book in person at Woodhall Country Park reception.

    Our friendly team are always happy to take your call, whether you want to book a holiday, check availability or have a question that you need answering.

  • How and when do I need to pay for my booking?

    Please refer to the appropriate Terms & Conditions linked above.

  • What do I do if I need to cancel a booking?

    Please refer to the appropriate Terms & Conditions linked above.

  • What do I do if I wish to make changes to my booking?

    Please refer to the appropriate Terms & Conditions linked above.

  • What is the £10 cash deposit for on arrival?

    All bookings for touring pitches, camping pitches and pods/Hideaways require a refundable £10 cash deposit to be provided at reception when you check-in, this is for the security fob we issue to each customer on arrival. When you return the fob at the end of your stay, your £10 will be refunded to you. Additional fobs can be requested for an additional £10 deposit for each one.

    The £10 must be CASH and cannot be taken on credit/debit card.

    The security fob will allow you to open and close the park entrance barrier and also the toilet and shower block doors.

    Lodge guests are not required to provide this £10 deposit.

  • What is the security deposit / pre-authorisation for on arrival?

    This is only applicable to lodge guests and is a pre-authorisation on a credit or debit card to the sum of £100.00. This is not a transaction by Woodhall Country Park, but your card issuer will ‘ring fence’ this amount on your card, so your ‘available balance’ may be reduced.

    Different card issuers release these funds at various times – between 3 and 10 banking days.

    The pre-authorisation is held as a security against any damages or losses incurred during your stay, or additional cleaning charges, for example.

  • I have paid for travel insurance already so surely the pre-authorisation is not required?

    Any travel insurance you have is between you and the insurer only, Woodhall Country Park is not party to this policy. So in the rare occurrence of any damage or loss, Woodhall Country Park would have to claim this directly back from you, and then you would have to claim this back from your insurance company.

    Woodhall Country Park would always endeavour to contact a customer and discuss any issue with them before invoicing for any damage/loss or additional charges.

  • Site Information & Policies

  • Site Facilities

  • Pitches / Accommodation